ARC s**t hitting proverbial fan!!!

AAGH! While I’ve been swanning around doing my transcriptions and having a lovely time enjoying my research, along comes a reminder that as RA on an ARC project, it is my job to get all the paperwork organised. Well, don’t want to. Thumb sucking and all that. Nya nya nya. Eek! What this means is that for the next week I have to ignore my lovely lovely research and go and organise an ARC grant application, which I have been ignoring in the hopes that it goes away. It won’t go away. I’m the lynch pin of the whole caboodle and without me, the guys putting it together will have to work too hard. So, once again, back to the back burner for my research.

So, I’m going to have a lovely day today and possibly Sunday, doing my stuff, then I am going to get down and boogie with the data for the ARC on Monday. Afternoon. And thereafter all week.


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