To ebay or not to ebay? That is one doozy of a question!

So, I’ve seen a coffee plunger for $2.49 (latest bid) on Ebay, and the seller lives in QLD. Do I make a bid, because that is one dang cheap coffee plunger?, or do I buy the cheap and cheerful one at BigW at $14.95? Tempted though I am for the plunger on Ebay, the postage is $7.99, thus taking potential cost of said plunger up to $10.48, thereby nearly negating positive benefits from cheap purchase price. Even though the coffee plunger on Ebay looks like an expensive Bodum one, I am a little concerned about spending money on something I can’t pick up and smell, touch, inspect. And it may be an 8 cup one, not a 1 cup one, because the sales pitch does not include size!


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