“Organizationing” my life is working!!!

Well, my two grand schemes are in play. To reduce our spending and to organise my PhD work. I’m pleased and happy with the way things are turning out this week. In terms of PhD I’ve got meetings with both supervisors this week, and I’ve been keeping on track with my data analysis; and I have set in train the spending slash and burn. So far it has been quite good, although Scott had to buy Apple Care at a squillion bucks because his computer CD thingy ceased working.

I’m insisting we be sensible. Scott fancied going to the movies on Saturday – we can do that pretty cheaply, but I knew we were going out on Sunday to a music listening party, and I wanted to spread the love, as it were. If we go out next weekend we will feel like we have done something each weekend. And that will be good. Spreading the love.


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