Setting goals

Like so many PhD students the world over, life seems to get in the way of study. Consistently, and, at times, insistently. I have noticed this because for nearly two months I have not had one single moment to concentrate on study. Anyone doing a PhD understands this, I think. The PhD thinking time is such a fragile thing: it is hard to wind up the brain and it is hard to let the thinking go once started. I have struggled for weeks with this conundrum, trying to work out ways to get my brain back into gear.

As usual, it is the blog writing that has gotten me started, and also fear that I am falling ever further behind. But children and family and work concerns intrude on the thinking space, to the extent that I had to lay aside my plans to study upon my return from Melbourne and be a parent to my husband’s children. It has been seriously annoying and my angst was brewing, until, as mentioned, yesterday I hit the proverbial fan.

I am making plans this year to have some serious writing retreats. One I hope will be during the school holidays in April, one will certainly be during the July school holidays (I may travel interstate to achieve this), and the third during September.

From January 2012, I will be taking a month off to submit my first draft of my thesis – I was hoping for December, but I can’t see how I will manage to do this in the time I have. Then, I will be submitting my final draft in June/July 2012. (Requesting an extension of my APA if I can).

And, of course, no extra work during 2012 except my teaching. (I hope!) I’m in the process of setting up firm deadlines for my supervisors so that I can reach my targets, and I hope that by doing this I will have more direction and better goals. My principal supervisor has recommended I work up an article for RSME, which I am thrilled about, and that will mean more work, but I’m happy to do this, as I have to have at least three or four pubs during my PhD studies.

Goal setting, transcribing,  analysing, thinking, writing. Big words for me.


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