Gift giving and the rest

Now returned from Melbourne, fatter than ever, determined to stop drinking forthwith, and only touch wine on the weekends. My gift giving was pretty successful I think, although it will be interesting to see if Scott enjoys the wine day. And he loves his Oroton bag. And his purple paisley tie, his cufflinks and book and his bathrobe. I hope! So, for me, I received a big big vase from Haz (which I really wanted and desperately needed), a beautiful Oroton black clutch from Scott for our wedding anniversary (yet to work out how to use it and on what occasions); some gorgeous earrings from my lovely children (gold hoops and long silver drops), the Sims3 Late night expansion pack which I have already used, fast wearing out the hard drive on my Mac Book Pro. Finally, a large makeup organization box and, blessed be, my new Harmon Kardon computer speakers. Loving them. It’s a fat sound, and copes pretty well with a high volume, and picks up when the microphone in classical music is clipping. Now that’s a quality speaker. A great year for quality gifts. And I dare not talk about the gift my mother gave me. I might jinx myself.

The children are currently loving their Wii game – we know we scored well there when we heard gasps and very happy sounds emanating from them as they tore open the wrapping. They are now playing Star Wars Lego Wii and I am downstairs listening to Barbara Bonney with my new Harmon Kardon speakers. I am beloved of my husband and I love my family.

Not forgetting others, we donated to World Vision also. Because sometimes I feel terribly guilty about having so much.


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