So, to Melbourne.

Today I have finally realised that I am enjoying the heat of summer here in QLD. I actually like it. Some down sides include sweating a lot and needing to replace one’s clothes all the time, but really, I think I might be beginning to get the hang of it. Hmm. Maybe I’ll turn on the air conditioning for a little while anyway.

So, off to Melbourne I go, with hubby and suitcase in tow. Tomorrow. I’ve managed to spend a small fortune on Scotty’s gifts, which I ought to have expected, I guess, and will be spending rather less on my kids, who, after all, never get me anything. They’re not good with gift giving. Scott and I foolishly decided to get married in the most expensive month of the year, which was silly, really, because now I have a hard time keeping up with Xmas, New Year, and wedding anniversary all rolled up in one. I have to buy gifts for the little kids to give Scott, then I have to think of something for Xmas, then I have to find out the anniversary gift. This year it’s leather. An easy one to arrange! However, at the very time my teaching stops, I now have no money until nearly February. So I’m having to think of creative ways to maintain funds through this time. Teaching through summer is a good one! Another is keeping up with the ARC work. I’m really enjoying it now, and I hope that I’ll be able to keep working on stuff like this and developing my craft in this area. Another is uni teaching. Hopefully I can teach Score reading again, which is something I really really like, and I have all sorts of great ideas of how I might do this for 2011, if I’m allowed. So, eventually, Feb – June is taken care of, then all I have left or arrange is the remaining half of 2011. Maybe someone wants to give me a choir or two? Perhaps I should practice and put on a show? Hmm, not sure any money will be had from that. At any rate, getting through the next 18 months will be interesting.

Oh! and the dog is ALL better. Thank goodness, but I wish he wouldn’t choose to do this one week before Christmas. Now when will I be able to get the car fixed?! Never at this rate.


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