A new day, a new week

So, I wake up early on Monday morning, and for the life of me can’t remember what I need to do today. There are a few minor pressing things to take care of: a Nime3 paper to finish (reading aloud, timings and ruthlessly editing to a dull roar); an ARC proposal to write the background on; and an overdue newsletter to get published. Oh! and finish my transcriptions, analyse my data and complete a thesis. But, just for a moment, there was a feeling of absolute stillness, when I realised that all my work from here in is self administered. I have imposing deadlines but they are not causing me much angst at this point. I have bills to pay but the money is coming to pay them. I have pay slips to organise but they too are on track. I have a concert to organise and an early family Xmas party to plan (on the same day), but these too are within my grasp. Just for a moment, just today, I am not panicking.


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