Once again, here

So, all last week was spent with Nel Noddings and the Philosophy of Education. I’m about to spend this week reading cultural psychology books for a more thorough understanding. I brought a book home and I’ve not read yet begun reading it, but am about to start. I’ve had a quiet morning today, after a very quiet and work free weekend. A lovely weekend, actually. Sat around on Saturday reading the papers until midday, then did really very little. We’d had a great party the night before, so were both feeling a little tired. We saw a great movie – The Social Network – in the afternoon and had a light tea afterwards. Then on Sunday we did more of the same, except that we went shopping and finally bought a really nice dinner setting for eight, called Pianoforte, (not that we realised this when we originally saw it), in shades of white, taupe and black. Simple, elegant and refined. Children will probably break them all before one can say oy, but the setting was not too expensive, and easily replaceable in individual settings. Will probably buy the brekky bowls before too long and some espresso cups as well, just to round out the package. I’m seriously hoping that Jane Lamerton will not cease this range for a few years!

I was good – cleaned the house a bit, as it was looking very tired and messy – and hubby worked all morning. And some of the evening too. Then I had an evening meeting and completely missed out on my favourite show: Offspring. And then Medium wasn’t on, so had to make do with Juno, which I’d half seen a few months earlier. The young girl was a revelation and it was a sweet movie.

So, off I go to do some work now. Perhaps just a bit of transcription as well. I’m reading Michael Cole’s history of cultural psychology. Already it’s an interesting read.


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