So, cultural psychology, then?

I think I finally have it, with helpful asides from my supervisor: I’m thinking that I’ll use the overarching term cultural psychology to develop my multifarious themes and to create an umbrella term for all of the disparate although complementary ideas I have been wading through this last 18 months. I’m going with this for three reasons: my supervisor is strong in the field and has just published a book about it all; my potential marker may well be someone who is currently looking closely at cultural psychology as a way of articulating his own ideas in music education; my ideas are beginning to coalesce very nicely with this theory base. This means I will be doing cultural psychology through a narrative lens – both tricky theorems/methodologies because they are new and subject to pretty harsh criticisms, but they resonate with me and my supervisor is closely aligned with each. I am to be her champion, apparently, then. My ideas best accord with her notions of current research and while my methods are sound and could be used in other qualitative studies, I’m happy to develop these methods as I feel music research subjects are well suited to their approaches when studying the human condition.

The skies have fallen in (raining and pouring like crazy) and maybe I should stop typing now as I could lose everything!


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