Research as a way of life

I have been learning a furious amount about research this week: that it can be great in groups; that it can labyrinthine in its complexity; that once the planning and scraping and kowtowing for funds is out of the way, that the ideas are brilliant and life changing. It’s a horrible, enthralling, captivating game. The Australian Gov’t in its ineffable wisdom give less than 1% of their GDP to research and development. What a shocking under-support of much needed research in all fields. This is ridiculous.

Still, I am just now beginning to understand the complex processes surrounding grant applications and, as project manager, am feeling privileged to be part of a team that values the ideas, intelligence, and experience of its members, and who are excited about the research being planned. What a brilliant day yesterday, but how exhausting too!

Not that I can say much, mind.

Of course, as a portfolio career musician, do I want to develop my career in research, or do I want to maintain my singing teaching, my performing and my writing? Time will tell. I remember when I was thirty saying to a careers counsellor that I wanted to be working in the university sector. She looked at me oddly – well – here I am, ten years later, developing my skills in a range of areas across the university sector: teaching, research, planning, management. All part time, all time consuming, but engrossing. Hilarious. How odd my brain.


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