Terrible singing students

It’s not infrequent to have singing students who are, shall we say, not the best singers in the world. They know it, I know it, but we have fun anyway, and usually get through the lesson having learnt something powerful about the wonder of singing. I’ve just finished teaching one student who, I have to confess, amazed me with their very strange approach to singing. There was not one thing I could do to assist this singer, not one empathetic gesture I could make, not one technique I could teach, that could help this singer. It’s not too often I am stumped for ideas. In this case, however, I was absolutely glad to see the back of the person. There seemed to be a singular personality defect – it may be mine – that prevented this person from making a connection with me to the music. I feel very sorry for this person. They seem to be struggling in life. Although, as I said, it may be me.

It was a bizarre experience.


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