Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This has been a fun one for me today, as I drag myself around trying to recuperate from the weekend of conference madness. Essentially, one of my friends sent through a message suggesting that, on Facebook, we each put our status as: “I like it on the bench” or some such message, to drive the blokes mad with our completely rude – or so they think – messages. Even my girlfriends are falling for this one! Apparently liking it on the hallstand means I’m kinky. Actually, we are referring to where we like our handbags.

It’s all about building awareness of Breast Cancer Month. My aunty had breast cancer and a mastectomy. While she is basically healthy (I think), it has changed her outlook on life. Several of my friends and colleagues have also suffered from breast cancer. It’s pretty indiscriminate. I’m one of those blythe spirits who still thinks nothing can go wrong with me and am happy in denial of any future illness, however, I am perfectly aware that I could be struck down at any moment with an illness like breast cancer.

So, along with those other unpleasant cancers: ovarian; prostate; stomach; colon; tongue (ever tried to eat or talk without one?); bone; kidney and liver; and lung; plus any others I’ve forgotten, let’s raise a glass to those brilliant scientists, doctors and medicos searching for a cure, and providing treatment for our cancer sufferers.


One thought on “Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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