The day after the day before

It has been a huge week here at chez Jess. We’ve had children staying with us, friends, a conference to run and attend. We’ve picked up people from the airport and dropped them off. We’ve entertained visitors, discussed new editorships. We’ve stayed up until all hours preparing presentations and ensuring conference delegates are cared for. We’ve had multiple meetings and thousands of minutes to prepare. We’ve launched a book, gone out to dinner at Rydges and seen more about singing pedagogy than most teachers will see in a lifetime. To top it all off, Scott has been awarded three times for his services to music, research and teaching. He received $3000 in his research account for services to research; he was awarded a certificate of recognition for his services to ANATS, and best of all he won an ALTC award for teaching excellence in the Humanities and the Arts. We’re exhausted. I’m almost catatonic and can barely drag myself around the house today! And I have teaching from 5pm. Oh well, life rolls on.


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