Seeing one’s work in print

I think seeing one’s work in print is the best and worst thing one can see, as an emerging writer and researcher. Now my work is out there. I am now a published author, albeit with only 8000 words to my name. I had a read of my work, and as is normal with work like this, first time out and all that, I’ve picked up a heap of issues with the work that needs fixing. Oh well, too late now. Some of my English expression is, frankly, awkward. I’m learning that I need to read my work out aloud so that it makes sense to my ears as well as my mind. In other writing that I am doing, I am making this transition and it is working well.

In other news, it is really good to see one’s ideas articulated fairly well. I’m not a crap writer. I’m a good writer who just needs a bit of an edit from time to time. Yay!


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