Getting into work.

Yesterday I came into work at 8.00amd, was at my desk and editing by 8.30am. Today is not so good, but I’ll start editing in 10 minutes. I like to stay at work until 7.00pm, if I can. Does this make me weird? I like to work hard when the fancy takes me, and I also have a teaching studio after hours. Am I odd? I do enjoy down time and take plenty of it: traveling and playing computer games, that sort of thing. But when I need to, I like to work until I’m too tired to do any more. Some would argue that my work/life balance is out of whack. But this weekend I had three dinner and lunch parties and a concert on the Sunday to attend. I did not work then. So, how does any one else feel?

My work load is driven by me: I am self employed and my study is formed around my availability. My work habits tend to run in cycles of high activity, followed by fallow times. Currently I am highly active and driven to complete things I need to do for others. Once that is done, I have two papers to prepare and some overdue transcriptions to complete. Who else has a similar pattern to mine? Is it always the way that high activity is followed by fallow periods? Is this only true of research or is it found in other work places also?


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