Late at night and all is still

I love staying up late. I love the quiet of the nighttime. I don’t think this makes me vampiric, although given the latest fad for all things fang, I ‘m not sure that I don’t count. Not MY fad, though. I like to stay up late and just mull around a bit. I think, I do little things, I watch bad night time TV. I write in my blog, I keep busy. No real reason for staying up late, it’s just that I sleep for about 7 hours a night and any more is just a waste of time. I’m currently thinking about my study and how easily I get side tracked. Currently I’ve been working on editing and proof reading a PhD thesis. I have about 400 pages yet to finish, and I’m bored witless doing it, but frankly I desperately need the money. Only another week and it will be done. I swear. And then there’s the other research for the place which I tend to put off a bit, mainly because it’s a bit on my own time and terms. I think if I can get the lit review together in a month I’ll be fine, but I keep forgetting where I’ve seen literature that may be relevant to the study and then I get sidetracked by other things. Like my own work. Trying to pin down time to do my transcriptions has been a bitch. I’m trying to pare back the extra curricular stuff, but they all encroach. And this week I finally started getting irritated by my singing students. I know they pay the bills, but really, they’re getting in the way of good research.  And then there’s blogging and Facebook. Hmm. Maybe I need to stop being on Facebook. And then there’s emails. I’ve tried to keep email checking in check, but really it takes up so much of my day. And when I don’t check it I feel like no-one loves me. Stoopid, really.

But tomorrow I get to go to uni, to be with the girls in the office and to chat and talk and maybe do some work. I’m excited by the prospect. Truly I am!


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