How is the new timetable going, you ask?

Well, I  must confess there have been a few faff moments this week when I have perhaps done less of the work and more of the reading of the paper, or anything other than actual work. The good thing though, is I now know how much time I am spending faffing and how much real work I am doing. I’ve discovered that I have no desire to go for a run every day, but that I will force myself to run every second day. I have discovered that until I have mastered the typing thing at 60 wpm I must actually practise every day, for about 30 minutes. I have realised that I’m not getting my transcriptions done, so I need to be more vigilant about doing them every day. I’ve realised that there are not enough hours in the week to study at the PhD, so I’m having to look at the weekend for some quality work time there. I’ve discovered I don’t like to work after about 7pm at night, so forget timetabling in  work after dinner. And I’ve found that the good hours to work are in the morning, so I will use that time to work on my PhD, rather than to edit. The afternoons can be my Griffith time, but seeing as I am only getting $4000 from them for the editing and research stuff, I shouldn’t spend too much time on that. So there.


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