Setting one’s timetable and sticking to it

I’ve been struggling to get going on my work of late, so I thought I would have a go at creating a very detailed timetable for the week and seeing how well I stick at it. Currently I’m not going too badly, and my typing is definitely improving, but I’m finding it hard to stay away from the email. Not that anyone writes me anyhow, but I feel a little bit addicted. I hate email when it’s intrusive, but I hate it more when no-one writes!

I’ve taken a screen shot of my week. As can be seen, my week when I am running at full capacity is pretty busy, but I need it to be to start getting through the week! I’ve colour coded my week into purple, for my own stuff, red for Griffith, green for the home business and blue for general stuff, mostly based at home but which can include stuff like appointments. Today is Tuesday. I woke a little late, I didn’t go for a run and I’m taking a break during my transcription time, mainly because I get tired and need one. I look forward to tomorrow’s stuff! What I am noticing about this is that it is tricky to get me off email or web browsing, and that time goes fast in small increments. Also, I’ve noticed that I become much more efficient when I have time carved up like this. I’m less likely to faff about. If I am very careful, I may even develop some good habits with this.


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