Being alone in a strange town

I had the opportunity of chatting to a few people about their experiences at conferences recently. My own experience was not altogether a happy one. My evenings were a vast desert of solitary existence and I have rarely felt so out of place and unloved. Not that I mind being alone, it’s just that when one is in a strange town without friends and relatives to comfort them after a long day, and one’s room is truly gross student accommodation, and there is little access to TV or even coffee making facilities, then aloneness takes on a whole new implication. And I was a single parent for 12 years! I know aloneness.

The experience of others in a similar situation apparently is not dissimilar. I spoke to a woman who related that she spent $1800 on phone calls home to her husband for the time she was away. She claims it was money well spent. She felt the evenings were the worst, and I cannot disagree. This was the last time I will ever buy student accommodation.

In other news, my typing is improving slowly, although it is very hard to keep one’s hands in position when one is transitioning from bad habits to good. I am still looking at my hands but it is getting a little easier to move around the keyboard. I look forward to speeding up my typing in the next few weeks, hopefully to something approaching 60 words per minute with 95% or more accuracy. It just means, that for now, at any rate, that I have to be ultra vigilant with my typing position and consequently I am running very slowly. Probably about 20 words per minute at the correct hand position rather than 40 extremely mistake laden words per minute.


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