Entering SPSS Hell

Part of my research method strategies included a survey, which was closed in June 2010. While I have excellent raw data, part of my issue with the survey is working out how to perform various statistical analyses on it. Most people with a background in STATS say it’s very easy, but I have an issue with this rather breezy statement. Today I downloaded a free version to play with for a few weeks onto my MAC – even thought I bought an SPSS student version and accompanying massive handbook to go with it, I just don’t know what most of it means. I can’t get the SPSS software to work with my data, because I don’t know what I am doing!!!! This makes me feel rather stupid.

I am also currently feeling a little fuzzy round the edges as I think I am seriously jetlagged. Even though I slept well last night, my brain is not really working at present. So I may have to get some professional help. Hmm.


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