Hangover cures

Well. One way to cure a hangover is to have someone hand in your keys which were found in a rest room. Yay!

I’ve had a lazy day today feeling pretty wretched and tired, as well as seriously hungover. I thought that I would be okay with four glasses of wine, but I didn’t count on the low food aspect which threw things out of whack quite seriously. Felt dehydrated and sick, and I think my sleeping is in such disarray that I’m suffering jet lag a little, too. So today’s efforts included me dragging myself out of bed at about 9.30, finishing my laundry, doing some Griffith work, then staggering down to the canteen for an early lunch. Plenty of fresh salads and good food, but no whole apples or bananas, which is annoying when one needs a pick me up. Also, as my stomach is still out of whack, I have midnight hunger, and I need some snacks to keep me going, but not much is available here. Where are the green grocers when you need ’em? Oh yeah, downtown.

I looked at the offerings at the conference today and there was not much I was interested in, unfortunately. The problem about conferences is that so often the symposia and various offerings are just rehashes of journal articles, so one has usually read them already. And while I’m interested in the psychometric evaluations of various small data, being here at this conference makes me realise that I’m interested in the social science, much more so than stats and figures and empty data sets that have no immediate relevance to the people in the picture.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, though. Papers begin early, and there is something for me in every session, followed by an early poster session and then free time in the afternoon. This free time may involve another visit to EMP, which I didn’t fully explore. And another visit to Pike’s Market for some flowers and some apples and a banana or two. And some real coffee. Poor coffee may explain my heavy head, actually, as I’ve not had any today.

So after my early lunch, drinking two cups of thick chocolate milk!, I went to the hall which deals in lost keys and the like, and there were my keys! Walked home and ended up back in bed, sleeping for several hours, waking all sweaty and hot, in time to go grab an early dinner. Then back to the dorm for some TV watching time. Still can’t shake the hangover, so I guess that means don’t drink on an empty stomach when jetlagged.

Missing my hubby badly today, mostly I suspect because I’ve not talked to anyone, so feeling a touch isolated. My own fault, though, and I’ll be back in the swing tomorrow!


One thought on “Hangover cures

  1. Dear jess.. tks for sharing it…
    Next time, I would suggest you to try …. As a friend I recommend you not to suffer anymore from hangover. Take one bottle of this drink and your problems are solved!!

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