The case of the missing keys

So you know when you are a little merry and you are staying in the residence halls of the local college? And somehow, mysteriously, although you’ve not lost your keys in 10 years – maybe more – your res keys have vanished from the inside zippered pocket of your bag? No? Well, that happened to me last night.

And I have to say: NOT happy JAN! Not only will I have to pay for replacement keys, but I’m angry and embarrassed that I could lose the keys in the first place. I returned from a great fun night with fellow researchers, drinking at the local bar (one glass of pinot), and while I could get into the residence itself via my swipe card, I could not get into my room. I checked pockets, I threw out all of my stuff from my bag onto the floor, I retraced steps. Nada. So then it was the ugly task of going to the 24 hour a day help desk in another residence to get someone to open my door. No keys in my room either.

And by this stage, not having had dinner bar a few snacks, and having had a couple of drinks prior to going to the bar, my head was a little worse for wear. And it is not getting better today! So this morning I’ve fuddled my way through feeling awful and having to keep my door ajar while I retrieve my clothes from the laundry (no luck there either in the keys department), take a shower and then stagger to the dining room 500 metres away in the other res hall. Now I’m having an early lunch because I missed breakfast as well, being up until 3am going through this whole shebang.

So annoying.


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