Feeling useless

Having a terrible time lately trying to focus on my research – or on any research, for that matter. I’m really struggling to give a toss, and as usual I’m dissembling when I should really be apportioning my time, as a friend does. He plans his days to the nth degree – by putting writing tasks into his diary by the hour. I find it much more difficult to do this, although I have so much to do. It’s not just a matter of finding the time – I have that in spades, it’s about not letting the world intrude into my work day. Thankfully, I have the best part of a full week now to focus on my research, so where is my focus?!

Anything can intrude, from watching or reading the news, to daily house tasks, to life matters. This weekend it was the weekend that intruded. I’ve cut off my students from Saturdays for the time being, mainly because I need my Saturdays back, yet, do I spend any time on my research, when my hubby is out of the country and my son mooching in his room? No. I play computer games, do the washing and go to singing workshops. I don’t even go to play golf!

Today I feel a little different, and a bit more on task. Maybe I just needed a weekend without any work planned. Time to smell the roses. At any rate, today is important. I can spend from 9 – 6 doing written work, with perhaps a couple of side excursions for dog walking and clothes washing. Now I just have to plan it!


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