Loving one’s participants – not like that!

My participants in my study constantly amaze me with their kindness and generosity. I’m going to enjoy viewing their vids and beginning my analyses. At the moment, though, I’m faffing just a little. I’m doing some work for Griffith today – I think I will make Wednesdays my Griffith day as I teach there on Wednesday afternoons, but I’m struggling to begin. I wonder if it’s because it’s work that I’m not sure how to organise, or maybe it’s because I really want to do my own interview transcriptions and can’t, and maybe it’s because I let things at home get in the way of my work. Whatever the reasons, I can feel my day beginning slowly. And I was up before 7am today! I can see that these mind interruptions are the cause of many a poor thesis. Anyway, onto my paid employ. I have bills to pay.


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