The thing about travel

The thing about travel is that when one travels from Australia to anywhere else in the world, one’s circadian rhythms are completely thrown out of whack. It’s not just the horror 35 hour stretches of travel from north to southern hemispheres, it’s the days following that makes one think – I’m so tired I just need a holiday. It has taken me until today to feel truly revived. I went to bed at 10pm last night after watching Masterchef (yes, moi aussi), and laid my head down on the pillow, and for the first time in four days did not wake up at 3.30am. What a relief. It may have had something to do with the three glasses of wine I had, but I had tried this a few days earlier and it had not made a difference!

I had a really great meeting with my supervisor last Thursday. Left feeling very happy and on target, and we both kind of agreed that Shulman wasn’t working so well, although I felt that a signature pedagogy was evident through the basic structure and history of classical singing lessons. However, I admitted that trying to shoehorn my research into the tripartite structure of Shulman’s theory was difficult, and that Nel Noddings’ research might be better for the human element I am trying to investigate. I’ll keep reading, but it’s a bit of a relief not to have to read just at the moment. We laughed together about the length of my document – 116 pages is probably a minor record! However, it means that I’m a good way through the methods chapter, and that my lit review, while wide ranging, is currently well targeted.

This semester should be a fun one for me. I’m presenting at three conferences – 1 poster to present at ICMPC11 and 2 papers here in Queensland. I’m doing some fairly straightforward research for the local uni, which I’m loving but which needs to be organised soonish, and I’m analysing my data and transcribing my interviews. Lovely stuff. I’m also teaching singing here at home about 10 hours per week and presenting at Uni on Thursday – vocal health for music teachers.

All is in balance at present. This is good. I don’t feel I’m being pushed hither and thither, and if I can keep on top of things re the Uni work and my papers, I should get through to Christmas okay.



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