On the road again…

No, I’m not on the road again, but Willie Nelson knew a thing or two about moving on, did he not? The next phase of my research journey (vomiting in my mouth comes to mind when I think of the cliches inherent in this phrase) is about to commence. I need to write a couple of emails to my wonderful participants and ask that they send back the video cameras and equipment (I’ll pay the postage) so that I can begin analysis of the vids. In the meantime, I’m about to start my transcriptions for my interviews, and I’m putting it off just a little bit to report it here.

I have another email to send to another potential participant which I’m a tad nervous about because decisions have to be made about whether to do it at all! Otherwise, this case study can easily be omitted – I won’t lose anything by not doing it.

Right, said Fred. Off to do these emails.


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