Back on the band wagon

I’m assuming this phrase is correct – not sure what a band wagon is, but if work is involved, I’m on it. Went to my one and only rehearsal today with my singing students – a lovely and gentle experience, considering my exhaustion. Then, planning my students. Trying to avoid teaching on Saturdays so that I can do gentle Saturday family events such as going to the market, that sort of thing. Gentleness is my middle name!

I’m also trying to maintain a small but core clientele that are loyal, although people do move on from time to time. This way I can rely on constant income and build if I need to. At the moment, though, I need to keep it small but steady. My son finishes school in a few months – only $4000 to go with that bill! Then hopefully I can pay off some other debts, including my groaning credit card.

My confirmation is through. Did I mention this? Some excellent comments from the assessing colleague, although I’m not happy about much of my work thus far. Too unwieldy, but I’m finding my path slowly as I go. More about the emotion of teaching, and less about everything else. Thank GOD. My latest presentation seems to echo this realisation. My supervisor also said as much. Too much of everything else was turning my brain and my ideas to mush. I don’t actually believe in God.

So, my data now needs some close attention. Have to get the cameras from my people, and analyse the film. Have to transcribe the interviews. Have to begin the next phase. WEEEEEE!

All is good with the world today. Lots to do with the remainder of my current research project with the Con – need to create a good report for them: the commentary from the interviews was reasonably well taken, but more writing yet to do. Still, the initial work went fine and I have a few ideas about how to do the next bit. Plus I have more work to do on preparation for the ARC grant. Very exciting but lots of work ahead! It will keep the wolves from the door….


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