Home James and don’t spare the horses!

Gave my little presentation at the BVA conference yesterday – by little I mean it was short, but jam packed with information. As is common in these conferences with pedagogy and science talks packed cheek by jowl I was wedged onto the end of three very science based papers that were bristling with acoustic, linguistic and alienating quantitative data, so much so that I felt I had to apologise for the complete lack of science in my presentation. Luckily, a trillion people came to see my presentation, so felt vindicated a bit.

It went well.

I am now a confirmed candidate, yay, although my reader, who was a colleague, somehow missed 8 pages of references. Not sure how she managed to do that. Some nice comments though, although, as usual, apparently I mix up my ontology with my method. Actually, as I used as a template someone else’s methods chapter, I fail to see how I can be mixing it up, when their methods chapter passed. Anyhoo. Done. Now I can get on with the fun stuff: the data. Yay.

Tonight is our last night in London – it has been a perfect end to a great holiday/conference, and I am on one hand not quite ready to go home, and on the other hand, looking forward to doing some real work. Hmm. I’ve been a good girl, too. I’ve spent little money on fripperies, except one pair of expensive shoes, a cheap scarf and a truck load of biographies. We drank all the wine. Moet is cheap here. My I’m good!

Back to the grind soon.


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