Saturday night and I’m 40

Being 40 and married means the night at home on a Saturday night with the husband and grown child a little bored, and a little at a loss for things to do. I could go downstairs and play some Sims3, but now that I have my laptop, I feel the need to be with my family in the lounge room, watching laughable James Bond on the tele and getting used to the new crumb guard on my laptop. Hmm.

So, playing with my new laptop, an entry level MacBook Pro (what else?), I’m enjoying the fun of the whole experience, but am struggling to get used to all the things I can do on the little beast. Like so many people who play with these toys, I rarely get to experience the full capacity of the machine. I mean, I guess, if I wanted to, or had the time or inclination, I could develop my photo album, or create imovies with the lovely technology, but I just can’t be bothered. A habit towards laziness is my inclination.


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