Hiding from one’s supervisor

I’ve had such trouble finding the strength to do this confirmation document. I’ve actually been working on it quite consistently, but I’m finding it difficult to bed it down in a coherent way. Therefore, it was with some relief when I met with my 25% supervisor just recently and she as able to give me some wonderful, practical advice. She showed me a table to create that had the aim of the paragraph in the first column, the content in the 2nd, the conclusion in the third and the relevance to the reseach question in the fourth. This was a revelation to me!

I’ve therefore been able to look at my lit review with clearer eyes: as often is the case in the PhD journey, I have felt a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of knowledge to soak up, and it has been very hard to know how to place the knowledge. Every time I think “no-one has done this research” I then find seemingly hundreds of articles that apparently have the very ideas I am trying to articulate. It is both disheartening and positive.

Now I have to write an abstract for the NIME conference in November.


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