Golf, the great calmer

Hit some golf balls last night for the first time in several months. What a great way to spend the evening! I have been feeling so low lately, as I have either been stuck in hotel rooms and flying everywhere or stuck in my studio trying to care about my PhD. My back is sore and I’ve been a bit tired and woebegone. I think I’ll get back into it now, but I can see that there are swings and round-abouts in this game. Sometimes I am doing very well, and at other times I feel depressed, low and a bit helpless. I’ve not done a jot of housework in the last few weeks, and darling Scotty has been taking the brunt of most of the house stuff. Nevertheless, I AM making some progress on my papers, and I’ve nearly completed the chapter. But I wish this journey wasn’t so up and down! I am noticing the grind of research this week. But I also suspect I am still very tired from all the travel, and this doesn’t help my feelings of adequacy.

It’s the hard slog, I am told, in the second year, which can be a bit soul destroying.


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