It’s official: I’m kooky

On Facebook yesterday I just did an autism/asperger’s test – apparently I scored 27, which means that while I’m not Asperger’s, I do have introversion tendencies, I like patterns, I like repetition, I hate crowds, I am introspective. Hmm. However, it sounds to me like a crock – the test used a four point Likert-type scale for the forced choice series, which did not really give much of an indication for particular preferences: either one really really agreed, or not. Also, there was some questions lacking about the capacity to understand others. I would be interested to see the Myers Briggs Test applied to help determine Aspergers sufferers – they would probably show completely different results. Also, when applying Myers Briggs tests, I tend to be somewhat introverted AND extroverted at the same time. Still, a good thing to try to see if it really holds up!


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