Study participants

The exciting thing about doing this work is as my husband calls it : the joy of discovery. I loved interviewing my participants. I’ve not yet finished the process, but it’s a great challenge to download and listen to the recordings. I’m not ready to transcribe them yet – should I wait a little longer, or should I get stuck into it right now? I think the main thing is that I need to get my confirmation document ready to go, and to edit my book chapter. I also have an overdue assignment to complete. (Which I’ve not yet even looked at).

My blogs thus far seem to be a combination of things to do and timelines to do them in – I’m not sure this is particularly useful to anyone, but this is the trajectory of my thinking right now. I’m very tired and a little depressed, and I’m not sure if I’ve thanked everyone enough fro my birthday, or whether I’ve made the right plans for everything. I still have to pay for the Paris accommodation; I don’t have enough money to pay for Blake’s school fees and I still owe $900 on St Laurence’s first term fees. This worry about money is getting me down somewhat. Oh! And I have to submit an initial consultation paper for my RA work without spending too much time on it. And I need to go to the gym and do some yoga – my back feels like it has not had a good stretch in weeks. SIGH.


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