Longer and longer between blogs

You can tell when I’m busy: I either do not write at all, or I write too much. Either way, I’m either procrastinating or I’m actually busy. This week has been the latter. My husband – bless him, organized a few days down in Melbourne to celebrate my 40th birthday. Well. It’s bad enough turning 40, but also taking time off from busy work to celebrate getting older…. not always easy!

I was very happy, however, to go to Melbourne with my hubby and my children. I miss Melbourne very badly, although it sometimes feels foreign to me now. A very busy place – lots of people, lots of stuff happening. I love the quick and regular public transport – this has made a huge difference to Melbourne. It seems warmer than I remember though – this could be a global trend.

I am furiously busy at present. On Wednesdays I take 7 hours of lectures for which I have to prepare rather a lot. I also have some RA work for my employer which I’ve not yet been able to start, due to this mini break and my current job, which is to collect my data for my PhD project! I am also teaching more this year – at least, I cannot recall teaching singing this consistently last year.

As usual, right now feels a little overworked and next week feels beautifully relaxed by comparison! Yet this is not the case in reality.

This week I am data collecting my interviews, which are working rather well. I am thrilled by the quality of recordings and the amazing responses to the questions I have answered. At the same time I am having to travel rather a lot and I am very very tired. I was in Melbourne on Monday, then Newcastle, then Brisbane to teach, then tomorrow I head to Sydney for my next data collection point.  Back on the afternoon flight on Friday, where I pick up my friend Nisha who comes to stay with us on Friday night until Sunday. I will be so tired I will have lost all will to live by then!

Next week, even though I won’t be travelling, I will certainly be hard at work writing up my confirmation document, which will need some revising from the raw notes I have taken. I will also be revising my book chapter which is not yet ready for publication, despite the very nice notes. I will be preparing the 5th week of classes and I will still be teaching. I will also be transcribing my interviews as I have decided I can’t afford to have them done by anyone else – too expensive. I will probably begin watching the tapes of one of my participants and I will most certainly be panicking about the cost of living, as I am unable to pay all my bills at present. I am also trying to put together a concert with a friend of mine in May /June sometime, and we have not yet decided on the music, silly us. Of course, she likes French and Russian music and I love German and English. It will be interesting, to say the least. And now I hate my voice, having heard it live.

And of course I have to try and get ANATS stuff done. Not happy Jan about that stuff. I feel like I am letting the side down by being so damned busy I can’t get to anything. Nor am I sure I care, particularly.


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