Equipment purchases proving to be useful indeed

Last year I spent a small fortune on electronic stuff – I bought an iMac; a Sony MP3 USB input stereo recording device; a Canon Legria FS2000 video-camera, an iPod Touch, an iPhone3G. Thus far, I have used the iphone everyday; the iTouch for my students last year; the MP3 recorder every day; the Canon video for my interviews and of course the iMac I use everyday. These toys have proven and continue to prove most useful in my business and research life and I am thrilled that I bought them. No wonder Scott and I have no money. I am about to do my first singing teacher interview: it’s a scary moment, but one that is also very exciting. I have all my questions from last year – I looked at them the other day and they are fine! but always good to look them over once again.

Well, the weeks are marching past at a great rate of knots. I’m on board with the lectures at last – although the Score reading one last week was hilarious!!!!!! Maybe I should do some planning??? I had done my research, but I had not really written out a decent plan, so I was all over the place like a mad woman’s shit. Poor things, they know not what they got themselves into for this one! However, I think I’m back now with it. Planning. That’s the thing.

Need to revise my book chapter like mad: it’s okay but the first part is terrible. And I have to divide the quotes so they don’t go over 50 words, otherwise I have to get permissions. Darn it. And I’d rather not worry about permissions.

Still need to prepare my confirmation document – although not getting much help on that one. Might call my associate for help on this – she needs some work from me!!!

And I still have an assignment that is fast becoming overdue. I have a week to complete it. Ugh.


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