Feeling low after the highs

I should be used to this by now: after a very busy run with all the work due etc, I have felt very low these last few days. Kind and thoughtful hubby thinks it is because I have had one of those pinnacle moments with the confirmation paper, and I suppose I agree, but I’ve felt the general malaise very hard to deal with. I wonder quite frequently if I have depression, but then I sense maybe it’s cyclic. I seem to have ups and downs, but the downs aren’t so horrible any more. It’s just a bit low feeling. I’m a bit low feeling.

Well, I got through the week. Yay. I submitted another piece of work which was horribly overdue; I submitted a fairly ordinary book chapter which will need lots of revision (thank goodness already I know this) and I prepared my lectures. I am now on time and on budget again. I have a few things to organize now: I have a 3000 word paper due in 2 weeks; I have the lectures to prepare and I have the interviews to plan, and the video to learn to use. Plus I have a fair few singing students to consider – my practice is growing again. Swings and roundabouts with that – I AM enjoying my current batch of students enormously – they are talented and quite hard working. Only two “duds” and even they are keen; they just lack the learning intelligence for singing – I can’t seem to get them to understand anything about how to sing with resonance, but it is partly the age of the student…

Things to do tomorrow: work out how the video works and prepare the packs for my participants; look over the interview questions and revise; go to Yoga; maybe hit some golf balls a very long way. Call Ros and find out one way or another the interest in my project. Hmm.

Oh, and I am turning 40 on the 19th. Awful. Feeling completely old and past it. Over it, too.


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