The treadmill continues.

Today marks the day between finishing a number of pressing and urgent tasks, and putting off an number of other important tasks. One of my next tasks will be to complete an overdue assignment for Margaret – I am about 500 words off completing it, but I’ve become a bit stymied by mental exhaustion. Another task will be to prepare my lectures for Wednesday. At present, one lecture series is fine – I had a look over the course requirements and they are easy, but the other course – score reading, requires a whole day of work tomorrow finding the right works and preparing slides, and preparing tasks for the students. Score reading feels a little bit like theory work, and I will have to prepare my first class very carefully. I will also need to call all of my potential participants tomorrow as well, to get yays or nays. Repeated email is not cutting it. Darn.

I slept in today after wishing Scott a happy birthday with the children and making brekky and handing out gifts. I have had very little sleep these last few days and I am feeling it!

Now onto Scott’s b’day dinner tonight – a special dinner.


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