The joys of discovery

Ah, back at it and not as frustrated as I was just yesterday. Always helpful to get with the supervisor and work through the tangles of brain and thought. Although I am very tired and grumpy and may have to do a few nighttime sessions to get this done for  Monday – my powerpoint is now beginning to take shape. Margaret had a look at it after I threw in the towel yesterday and confessed I was stuck and confused. We’ve cleared up substantive theory (bloody literature review, for fuck’s sake) and now my path is a lot clearer. I can break down the component elements a lot better than I could just yesterday, but I still have to finish the powerpoint and do my notes, read it through on Sunday for timings and try not to throw up. Trying to keep it under 30 minutes will be tricky.

Of course, now I have to pull apart Bronfenbrenner, Weger, Lave, Rogoff and others to get at nested systems and activity theory, and cultural psychology, which is what I’m basically on about. Only took me a year to work this out. Apparently this is normal.

Bugger. So, now I’m back at Bruner, getting excited about meso, macro, micro and exo systems and I need to be able to talk coherently about these by Monday. I’m not sure I’m cut out for this! I’m still flying through the reading material, trying to skim as fast as I can to get at the meat of the argument, when clearly struggling to merely clarify my thoughts so that by Monday I have an idea in my brain that’s not entirely mushy. ARGH! And bloody Graham Welch is my intended, too. ARGHH bloody argghh!!


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