I am finally working again!

Aah, finally, I am back with my nose to the grindstone – feeling virtuous and like I am on target again. My golly, it is hard work getting back into stride! Today I am working on my confirmation document: that is to say, I am creating the powerpoint in order to create the confirmation document. As always, I work better with the macro and not the micro, but as I work in the macro, the micro stuff interjects and it is becoming a useful symbiotic pathway for me. I will miss these Wednesdays when I am at Griffith all day – once again, my study week will be bisected by outside work, but I am happy with my plans for this year. I have a number of new singing students, too, which is helping with the finances. They are all pretty good, this year.

Yesterday I printed out my abstract (Scott pointed out that I had written the word “tacit” three times throughout, bum bum) and I am beginning to be happy with my literature – I can now see a way through the maze and now that delineation of topic areas has been established, I think I know where to start looking in the literature. Phew. I always hated the literature because the areas were so broad and my topic not really clearly defined. Now that I have had to write an abstract and to prepare this document, it sets me up for a much better grasp of what to research.


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