Administrative duties when doing a PhD

So, I never knew that doing a PhD could involve so much of the little stuff: the boring, mind numbing, draining stuff that is administration. I’m about to submit my confirmation document, but I had to finish sending off my gatekeeper letters to my potential participants. I have now gone through $60 worth of ink and $10 worth of paper to ensure that every piece looks just so, that it is appropriate and rigorous and ethical in appearance and nature. Letters to Gatekeepers, letters to teachers, students, everyone! Of course, I have not done any writing or reading this last week, despite the need to get my act into gear for the 22nd. Killing myself with panic, I am. I’ve today, tomorrow, 5 hours on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday to pull something together before Margaret gets back. I should be able to manage it. In the meantime, my bottom ever expands with the inactivity. I’ve started going to the gym (a local health club specializing in classes including yoga) and my first class was great, but I realize just how weak and unfit I’ve become these last few months. Darn it. So. Today I’m going to put my reading down into some sort of recognizable format, and begin to construct my confirmation document. Whew.


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