Well, I’m back.

Back from beautiful New Zealand, which was at times a tourist’s delight and a traveller’s nightmare, full of tikis, pounamu, tat and promise. Good parts of New Zealand was almost without exception fantastic coffee, no matter where, even in the smallest truck stop town. The scenery is amazing. Queenstown is gorgeous, so touristy though! The funny thing abput NZ, is that the people seem quite progressive and “can-do”; the policies are great, the preservation of the countryside pretty good, all that stuff, but it overall seems a little small town. Slightly backwards, or perhaps merely complacent. I liked the sensible and very cheerful people, but I wonder about the willingness of New Zealanders to develop. Maybe it’s because the population is small. I wonder. Anyway. I’m back at home now and panicking about people I need to call about singing lessons, about finishing my papers, about the next stage of my research journey. All scary.


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