The new iPad – not so flash.

Well. Here I was thinking that  the new iPad was going to solve my travel problems with my currently chunky and heavy 15″ ASUS laptop weighing in at a hefty 3 kgs plus the case, batteries and wires adding another 2 kgs to my load. I was thinking of buying a 13″ Macbook Pro – they are currently going for about $1500 – it’s lighter, smaller than my current laptop and has all the bits I want, except for a good home accounting package.

I thought I might wait and see if the new iPad was going to meet my needs. I think, after watching the promo, reading the specs, weighing up the criticisms, that, actually, it’s not good enough for me yet. It has no camera. It has no USB port (shock horror) and it doesn’t have the apps I need to work professionally in word processing and publishing. There is no 3G yet. It is basically a nice big book sized web browser and email reader – it doesn’t do the things I need it to do to work for me. If I take it OS, I still need to take a dock, an external USB port, external speakers, external everything!

I will buy it in about 2 years when the thrill of using my iPod touch has faded, when features are added, when Microsoft Word/Powerpoint/ Office for Mac is added as an app, when a USB port is added (I will not trust wifi with my precious documents when I can’t access wifi in certain countries) – basically when the features of a good laptop are added without the external add ons. I like the size of the iPad: it is just perfect for travellers who want a light product, but the main problem still seems to be the add ons, which adds weight to one’s bag. When I travel, I currently have to pack a paklite bag full of wires and batteries and electronica (camera, chargers,etc) that weighs about 2 kgs and I don’t see my electronic gear losing these with this new product just yet.

I also want the option of going to work, using my iPad as the base unit and plugging in external options so that I don’t have a heavy bag full of crap that I have to lug around everywhere. But I’m not seeing this as an option just yet. So, come to Mama, Macbook Pro, and I’ll talk to you later, iPad! (iTampon, apparently)


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