Off to New Zealand tomorrow!

I’m writing in my blog rather than preparing the rather boring work I need to do for my gatekeeper and teacher approvals. I started putting them together yesterday (this is AFTER ethics approvals were granted) and I found that I need to substantially alter the wording to have them make more sense. Not that they were terribly hard to understand to begin with, but I wanted to clarify some issues for the gatekeeper and for the teacher themselves. Boring. So of course Scotty and I went to the Lifeline Book Fair today – I spent about $80, Scott spent about $20. I bought a bunch of books and only doubled up on one book! Yay. I managed to find Lauris Elms and June Bronhill, plus another book or two on Pavarotti (one double up there, bumbum), another on Joan and so I’m pretty happy with the day’s events.

Students also went well today: Alex stopped yelling so much and began to consciously work on an effortless sound. Josh is going great guns and his bass baritone is beginning to really sound good. His brain power is improving too. And the lovely Matt is getting better all the time – providing he doesn’t squeeze his tone. We’ve worked on his breathing today. I am getting shitty that I talk too much, though. Need to get the teacher talk less.

Well. Off to some hard yakka at the admin work (hate hate hate it, but it is necessary!) I’ll come back and finish in a while.


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