Slowly but surely

I have been a very good girl today and have read the early sections of Lauris Elms’ autobiography. All of the books I am reading are currently filled with little post-it notes – I think I must use about 30 per book, if it has lots of information about my interest. Hubby notes that I have a bit of a thing for stationery. I’m not sure I can read more than one book per day – I seem to get pretty tired and bored after a while, plus my body complains about being still for so long. So I find myself trying to move about – I’ve even started doing stretching exercises on the floor in the hopes of loosening my muscles!

On to Lamperti, Tosi and then I think I will have a little rest.

5.30pm A successful afternoon. I have so far read (which means skimming really fast and concentrating on the early years and post-it noting all the relevant pages and pencilling the relevant paragraphs) five singer biographies which have netted some great information. I can now begin to identify particular themes and it’s a very interesting read. In particular, autobiographies of certain soprani have identified a particular London based teacher who was very good for one singer and terrible for another! YAY! All grist for the mill.

I’m noticing the reading is fast but I’m quite thorough. And the post-it notes are very pretty. I’ve moved from blue to green to yellow, now on the pink and will be marching down the purple path soonish.

I have only 2 days left to read the remaining biographies – Hammond, Sutherland, Melba: so I’ve lots of work to do. And of course I need to return Margaret’s Stake book tomorrow, between 10.30am and 1.00pm. I then drive to the Gold Coast to see son perform in his Rock School concert. He now wants to learn bass. I actually think this is a great idea as it will help with his composition writing a lot – developing bass lines is a fantastic way of working out chord structure and leading notes. Better than singing, at this point, and, anyway, he can’t sing in tune.


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