Pride cometh before a fall…

Actually, it’s not so much about pride as about feeling too exhausted to do anything after all the intensive work the previous week. Very rarely have I felt the need to not DO anything ALL DAY, as I did Saturday and Sunday. Basically spent most of the weekend lolling about the house in various shades of undress, gasping in the heat and trying not to fall asleep on the couch. Went shopping on Friday night for new Ikea bookcase – yes, I have succumbed to the Swedish juggernaut – but the bookcase looks sublime in my studio, I think I can even move my printer from its exile in the opposite corner to the top of the bookcase, which will give my students room on top of the cupboard to put their bags and what nots. I may have to buy another one to go on the opposite wall, which will hold all my magazine holders of music, my electronica and probably some more decorative detritus. That way, Scott or one of the kids can have the very useful cupboard and I will have stuff that matches. And yesterday I convinced hubby to go shopping in a cool space, where I bought some more resort wear (can’t normally stand the stuff, but I’m desperate – oh for some glamorous black) and he spent his xmas gift cards on some fabulous new boots.

Now, of course, I have to step up the reading of my biographies so that I can not take too many away with me when we go to NZ in 5 days. Hmm. And I have not even divided them into people, themes or anything yet!

So of course, now that I have talked about it, I had better do it! Adios.


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