I think I need to crow a little bit to myself

Well. My autoethnography was submitted to my supervisor. I believe it was supposed to be about 1200 words long. 2,300 words later, I submitted the work, and I received my result on Friday afternoon. I was awarded a 7 out of 7. I am thrilled. Of course, being me, I thought that 7 was actually out of 10. I was a bit disappointed initially. Then some bright spark in the class of 6 said she only got a 4, and I felt sorry for her, thinking “wow, she has failed!”. Then I found out that I got top marks. I normally never crow in class, but too late – I was already asked my mark, thinking that a 7 was ok, room for improvement, and then, well, you know the rest. Everyone then wanted to read mine. Tee hee. The other person to get top marks was K, and she and I have both been at it (both life and our PhDs) for longer than the others, so we assured the other kids that they would get much better too, and not to worry. I looked at my assignment again and I STILL want to edit! Stop, Jess, stop it now.

I stayed up until 3.15am on Thursday to finish 2 assignments – a 2800 word observation report and reflection (begun at 8, finished at 12.15), and a 20 minute class presentation. Of course, my prep for the class presentation began at about 12.30am with a quick analysis of the article I was presenting. I chose to analyse the superstructure, language and minor ethical concerns cos I was too tired to analyse anything else, but I noticed that the language was masking a poorly designed instrument tool for use in the study. The study design itself was problematic, too. So I created my Powerpoint as a teacher might: overview of talk, structure of article, contents and analysis of article, and some points of interest including this result. Through the fog of tiredness the following day, I noted that apart from D’s pretty good presentation – lively, thoughtful, there were problems with everyone’s presentation. The younger ones showed their inexperience in delivering talks and PP by loading too much information onto the slides. They tried to cram too much into their talks, and at times were confusing. I didn’t understand the structures. Jy’s talk was interesting and raised some good questions, but her stilted English is problematic for her. K’s talk was very targeted and effective, but her presentation skills weren’t great and her 4 slides were terrible. I told the class that “the teacher in me hands out information sheets – here they are. The teacher in me also talks about what is going to be in the talk – so here it is!”

I did wonder aloud about the quality of the study itself, and I noted the clear change in voice quality of the two researchers, the use of weasel words and the sly acknowledgement of the poor quality of the study. I think my talk took too long. But I’m never good at maintaining strict word counts or keeping track of time. As my husband will attest! And I didn’t get the wrap it up sign from the teacher. (also my supervisor, it must be said)

Man I’m still tired today. I have four main things to do now – I have to work up my assignment on case-study. I’ve chosen to do this because this is the study I am doing, so it’s killing two birds with one stone – it leads me to my confirmation document. I have my full paper for ICMPC to submit which is a quan style paper. I have my book chapter to write and I’ve not yet read any biographies to date. I have my confirmation document to prepare. Damn it! And I have yet to send out my permissions for the study with my teachers!!!!!!! Oh! And I still have to hand in the presentation assignment write up which is due soonish.

UGGH. At least my brain is back on a bit.


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