Why sometimes intensive study courses are bad for the body.

I’m tired. Very tired. and I’ve still got half an assignment to go. On the plus side, I’m becoming a wizz at article analysis. I think I could probably leave the assignment and just talk to my notes tomorrow, but what the hey. I’m gonna do a powerpoint. Yep, I’m gonna do one. I’ve decided.

Uggh. See, too tired even to talk about the field work I did yesterday at the GOMA, which was tiring but quite fun. Now that I’ve read a little bit, I know why. I go too bloody hard! I’m like a bull at the gate! I put everything into it and then I crash!

I need to mention a research diary. I need to get one – nice moleskin booklet I think, or perhaps one that has a leather binder but replaceable inserts. Hmm. I need to throw everything in there that might be useful when on the run: references, observations, conference notes, ideas, beginning statements, that sort of thing.

I just finished an observational report. Not sure how long it was supposed to be: mine ended up being nearly 3000 words long, plus pictures. Serves Margaret right. Not a word count in sight, so she will just have to read the sucker. Now. I have a Powerpoint presentation to prepare before heading to bed. I think I need chocolate milk, nice and hot.


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