Reading for classes

I have just now discovered the joy of reading study  material PRIOR to attending classes. I feel that I will have a better handle on things when I turn up tomorrow. Even though I am not new to research practices such as narrative inquiry and autoethnography, I am particularly happy that I have done the readings in preparation for the classes tomorrow, as I think I am getting a handle on what Margaret is going to be talking about. Yum.

Naturally, I have not actually ENROLLED for the course – I am taking my enrolment form to school tomorrow, as I was unable to have it signed during the Christmas break. I wonder if anyone will notice? Anyway, I’m not sure anyone will notice because I can’t find Margaret’s number to call her and find out where the course is supposed to be taking place. Hurrumph.

I have now read six articles, and was able to find the course outline on the web. Gadzooks! I have a lot to do by tomorrow! I am really interested in some of the articles, particularly the one about the choir school. In it, there is a dual function: the actual research on the choir school, and then the discussion about the methodology, called inter-reflexivity. Noice.

Now at the slightly exhausted phase of the day when all the directed reading and note taking takes its toll. Time to make some din dins.


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