I’m back!

Hi. I’m back. This is potentially a good and a bad thing. The first thing I need to do is buy some food. The second thing I need to do is plan my next few weeks. I am furiously busy these next two months, and the breathlessness doesn’t stop at the end of February.

Things to do by the end of January:

1/ attend the methods course.

2/ read the readings for the methods course.

3/ write a book chapter on singing practices

4/ write a full paper for Sempre

5/ plan the music for Singers

6/ plan the February ANATS newsletter: state and National

7/ plan my singing students timetables and stuff

The things I need to do by the end of February:

8/ prepare my confirmation document

9/ present my confirmation.

10/ plan my classes for March.

11/ plan my interviews and teacher packs, send them off and prepare timetables for meetings.

Most of these require a quantity of reading and research for which I feel furiously underprepared. I am a bit of a list writer, but only for the big stuff. Day planners mean nothing. And I can see there that I have included nothing about my personal or family life. I seriously suspect I will have none. Ugh.

Time to do the food shopping.


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