Off to Melbourne today!

This may be my last blog for a while – the family are off to Melbourne for the holiday season and I’ll be without internet access for a week. Probably a good thing: I have to decide which books to take with me to work on, and I keep thinking I might take just one more. No! I cannot! Stop it Jess! Stop it now! We’ve foolishly not planned to have the children take much stuff with them, so didn’t pay for extra baggage. May have to order some for the return trip though…

Apparently Melbourne will be  a stinker tomorrow and then crappy cold weather until Xmas day, when it will probably be a stinker again. We are going to the beach house during the crappy cold weather. Oh well! Scotty is learning to love being off the computer and is actually engaging with the kids – we are buying their love with some very expensive gifts.


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